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We are looking forward to first volunteer of the season Rachel who arrives tomorrow! She will be joined by another group towards the middle of November and there is plenty to keep us all busy as the whale shark season kicks off. I went diving today and although we were joined by a group of […]

Art Exhibition

Inter school Art Exhibition “SAVE THE WHALE SHARKS!” to be held at Leisure Lodge from 12 -16 November 2007 from 11am daily. Come and see what the children of Diani have done to save the gentle giants of the ocean! Everyone is welcome so tell all your friends.

Whale Shark Bronze

This beautiful whale shark bronze was done by an artist in Sweden. The attention to detail in the work is incredible. The artist would be happy to make more so please let me know if you are interested! Christmas is coming up!!

Universeum supports the whale shark!

Universeum is a non-profit public aquarium with 3 million litres of water, a Swedish landscape, a South American rainforest and a science centre. It is located in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. The establishment opened to the general public in June 2001 and has about half a million visitors yearly. Jan Westin, the creator […]

Big Turtle Nest

Yesterday morning we got a call to a neighbour’s house. A large turtle had laid her eggs just in front of their house. I called Watamu Turtle Watch (who are the local experts) whilst Volker went over straight away. We were advised to make sure the nest was covered up properly and marked appropriately. In […]

First International Whale Shark Conference

This is a picture of all the delegates from the International Whale Shark Conference held in Perth, Australia 2005. Volker is 3rd in on the 4th row on the left in a checked shirt and I am in the front row 3rd in from the left with a kikoy round my neck. Attending the conference […]

Diani Goat Derby

Yesterday the EAWST was represented in style at the famous Diani Goat Derby – goat races for charity organised by the East African Women’s League. (The goats are very well cared for and the races are held in humane conditions.) We were invited to have a tent and got to use our smart new banner […]

Biggest fish partnership with KWS

Yesterday Volker and I had a super meeting with Nassir, the senior research scientist at the Kenya Wildlife Service offices in Mombasa. The KWS has been very supportive of our work and we are keen to work together to ensure that whale sharks are safe in Kenyan waters. Our aim is to illegalise the whale […]

Fund-raising dinner on MV NYAYO

In April 2006 we had a grand dinner on MV Nyayo, one of the ferries that operates from Mombasa island to the mainland. Nyayo means ” footsteps ” and the ferry was decked out in blue and silver balloons and garlands. We were welcomed on board by traditional dancers and cocktails. There was live entertainment, […]

Seacrest School Diani Cares About Whale Sharks!

The future of whale sharks and whale shark conservation is in the hands of our children. We often give presentations in local schools and in these pictures you can see Volker our founder giving a talk to the children of Seacrest School in Diani. They were a super little audience and asked various interesting questions! […]