Monthly Archives: November 2007

Music for Whale Sharks

We were in heaven last night with Katya Grineva, a world renowned concert pianist, playing for whale sharks. Katya’s playing was sublime, beyond magic, beyond dreams. Here is an excerpt of the speech I made – “Good evening everyone, it is an absolute pleasure to welcome you all here at the lovely home of David […]

The Last Whale

When I read this blog I thought for a moment that I was perhaps reading back in time. My mind could not grasp the fact that so called civilised nations are involved in mass whale slaughter. I had admittedly had an incredibly long, hot day in Mombasa but I could not quite link the […]

Dancing for whale sharks!

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] This skit/dance was presented by FPF Kaya Academy on the last day of our art exhibition. They adapted the words of a popular song “Jambo, jambo bwana!” to reflect the need for marine conservation. Loosely translated from swahili, their song went something like this: Hello mister! How are you? […]

Whale Shark For Sale!

Check out these pictures done by our school children and presented at the art exhibition! Prepare to be wowed!!

Whale Shark Art

Sorry for the silence folks!! We are still beavering away here in Diani for the mighty whale shark cause! Yesterday we began our art exhibition at Leisure Lodge Hotel on Diani beach. The schools involved were Seacrest and Coast Academy. Today was Makaela, Word of Life and The Redeemed School. Makaela treated the guests to […]


We at the East African Whale Shark Trust are horrified, outraged and ultimately hugely saddened by the annual slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. We cannot believe that such killing can ever be justified and are shocked that such brutality continues today. We watched it on Sky News in horror. It is indescribable watching the […]