Monthly Archives: January 2008

Where Is The Love?

I am becoming sadder by the minute at the turn of events here in Kenya and am determined to pray harder and harder for peace. It is very strange to go on as normal on the one hand and on the other hand watch the news with all its dreadful graphics of horror. I am in […]

East African Wildlife Society Highlights Whale Sharks

We are delighted to announce that the latest edition of the East African Wildlife Society’s magazine Swara included an article on our project entitled “A New Dawn For Whale Sharks In Kenya”. The article describes the work we do here at the project, the problems we face with the use of traditional fishing nets and […]

Three Cheers for Cuba!!

Cuba helps the Hawksbill Cuba has closed down its “fishery” of 500 hawksbills a year giving a lifeline to Caribbean turtles in the region.© WWF-Canon / Cat Holloway Nesting Magnitude – Cuba .© WWF 22 Jan 2008 Cuba has thrown a lifeline to the Caribbean ‘s endangered and critically endangered marine turtles with a ministerial […]

Whale Shark Tag Anyone?

We are getting ready for our annual whale shark research expeditions which will run from February 18. This year our scientist from HUBBS Seaworld Research Institute will arrive with 15 satellite tags. That is HUGE if you count that one tag is worth USD5000. Last year we deployed 3 satellite tags. This year we hope […]

No Rest For The Whale Sharks.

The political situation in Kenya (much as we all try to keep positive and put our best foot forward) has affected the country from top to bottom. I can’t speak for everyone but I can tell you that although things have more or less returned to normal in Diani and there is food on the […]

Peace in Kenya!

It has been quite a week here on Diani beach. First we had a huge fire on 27th December which destroyed the 2 largest shopping centres and brought the beach to a standstill. We were really lucky not to lose our house as the fire was raging just across the road. So many houses here […]