Monthly Archives: February 2008


Day 11. Zero sightings. Again. Rob flew up and down, up and down…until we decided to call it a day. The sea was so flat and the visibility was breath-taking at around 40m! Volker and David filmed and took pictures while we waited for sightings that never came. We have just driven all the way back […]

DAY 10

Oh dear, our first day with zero shark sightings. It was a long, long wait out on the boat today with nothing to show for it at the end! Rob flew up and down like a trooper but there were no sharks at all! The sea was super flat, beautifully calm and the visibility was […]


Day 9 yesterday was another record breaking day. We tagged 2 sharks. Number 13 gave us a little trouble and Volker refused to tag it. Brent took the challenge front one and whale shark number 13 swam away tagged. It was the biggest shark we have seen at around 9 metres. I watched its huge […]

Amazing Grace

Day 8. I early woke with a good feeling. I could hear the waves crashing on the beach just outside. I was so excited I couldn’t stay in bed a minute longer. I thought to myself “This is the day!!” David went up in the microlight with Rob so it was Volker, Brent, Lynne and me on […]


Greetings from Watamu! Watamu is north of Mombasa and close to Malindi. We arrived late last night and went straight to the bar to meet Garry Cullen the manager of Hemingways Hotel where we are staying in huge luxury. Garry and I have been emailing for months and it was really nice to meet him at […]


Rough weather really impeded us yesterday and reminded us sharply of how the elements have a direct bearing on our work. We went out on 2 trips, morning and afternoon and spotted a total of 3 sharks. We were able to tag just one. Nobody but Volker got to swim with the shark and everyone […]



Here is the famous picture that David our volunteer took yesterday. He is being very modest about it. I think it is amazing. Of course I suppose the reasoning is you had to be there to appreciate it in full (which I wasn’t).  I have just talked to the boat and they have tagged one […]

A Moment Of Grace.

Day 3. Volker left home very early, around 7am to go up in the gyrocopter to do a survey and shoot some footage from the air. I left later with David and Simon our volunteers and David the KWS spotter. We collected jerri cans of fuel for the gyro. I ate my breakfast as we […]

Expedition 2008 Day 2

We spotted 5 more sharks today and Volker managed to tag 1. We had Norwegian journalists on board as well some German tourists and our volunteer team. We are all hugely encouraged by this exciting start and hope for better weather conditions for the rest of the expedition. Although the gyrocopter is doing an amazing […]