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Greetings! News from our scientist Brent in San Diego – another of this year’s tags has popped up. Tag 80172 appeared a few days ago just south of the Kenya-Somalia border and has drifted steadily NE along the coastline. It is now near Ras Komboni, Somalia (a reported Al Quaida training area so Brent advises […]


Sad news re the acoustic tagging expedition – we went out yesterday from 10am to just before 3pm and did not see a single shark! We had 6 hardy expedition members with us including staunch supporters from Nairobi and a journalist all the way from Kigali in Rwanda. Peter Zanetti was our pilot teamed up […]


I was on my morning run this morning and as I ran past Baobab Hotel going south I looked up at their colobridge (bridge for colobus monkeys suspended above the road) and thought of the mass destruction the hotel has recently wreaked on our ecosystem. Once upon a time they cared enough about the environment to sponsor a […]


Check out these pictures of the last tagging expedition taken by Agnes on a disposable (!!) camera – I think they are great!! Look at the beautiful patterns on this shark. What a marvellous creation! That is a remora (sucker fish) next to the shark below. A big thank you to Agnes for sending me […]


Quezon task force seizes cargo of alleged young whale sharks in Phillipines By Delfin Mallari Jr. Southern Luzon Bureau First Posted 16:57:00 04/07/2008 LUCENA CITY — A cargo of baby sharks, four of them allegedly from the “butanding” (whale sharks) species were intercepted in nearby Pagbilao town early Monday by a task force of provincial […]


Here is a picture of the tag from this year that came off after only a few weeks. This was the 3rd shark we tagged this year. We tagged it on 21 February and it came off on 3 March. As you can see if you look really carefully, you can see that about half […]


Sorry for the silence everyone, we have been away! It’s good to be home although we are still en route and will get back to the coast on Friday 🙂 We have been working with SIFO Fish Organisation in Somalia for some time now because one of the 3 tags from last year came off […]