Monthly Archives: September 2008


At last some pictures of the incredible humpback whale rescue, courtesy of  Diving The Crab. You can see how big the whale is compared to the diver in the front of the picture and the floating net with buoys. The buoys cause horrible drag which must have been really stressful for the whale. It is […]


It’s 2am and I can’t sleep. I had wanted to wait and post this with pictures but I think it’s too important to wait. Today a large humpback whale was found entangled in a fishing net by a sport fishing boat. They immediately radioed it in and Danny from Diving The Crab went with a […]

Two Giant Turtles Saved

Diving The Crab are going great guns with the turtle rescue. Here are some more pictures of  2 big turtles released today. Danny tells me these 2 were really big – one was aboug 2m long and 150kg, the other a bit smaller (!!) at 1m long. They are brought in by the fishermen in their […]