Monthly Archives: January 2009

Whale Shark Tagging Expedition 2009

Great news! The dates for this year’s first tagging expedition will be 20 February to 15 March. Come and join us and be part of our team. It costs Kenya shillings 12,000/- per person and all the money goes directly to the project in order to fund the expedition. We need your help and support […]

Another Humpback Whale In A Net

Yet another humpback whale has been caught in one of the donated nets. How many more have to suffer and die before something is done about this? Here you can see the fishing boats and net with the buoy around the whale. Here is the poor whale all entangled. And still entangled. You can just […]

Open Letter from Captain Paul Watson

Happy new year all! As we start the New Year, let’s spare a thought for Paul Watson and his crew fighting the good fight! We wish them all the very best and every success in their endeavours. An Open Letter from Captain Paul Watson from the Tasman Sea Dear Friends, We are finally on our […]