Monthly Archives: February 2009

Whaleshark Expedition Pictures

As promised here are some pictures of the whale shark tagging expedition 2009. This is the microlight. This is the flight crew. Alexis is the pilot and he is in the middle, his girlfriend Emma and Chris the cameraman on either side of him. The team fly for 3 – 4 hours per day and […]

Tagging Expedition Day 3

Another cracking day with 3 sightings and 1 tagged. This shark was also adopted and sponsored by Peter and Philipa Gibbon last year. I will let you know what the name is!! I have wonderful sponsors lined up for our 3rd tag and 4th tag, after which it’s anybodys game so please help us by […]

Bumble The Whaleshark

The whale shark adopted and sponsored by Peter and Philipa Gibbon is to be called Bumble. Many thanks again Peter and Philipa for your kind support! Bumble is Kenya’s first shark to be tagged with an acoustic tag. Yesterday we didn’t see any sharks and I am just leaving now to see off the expedition […]


Expedition 2009 is off to a flying start. With 15 eager participants, a filmcrew from the Nation and a KWS team on board the anticipation was high as they all set off. Volker and I were both wide awake at 5am too excited to sleep. I watched them set off wondering how the day would […]

Baby Dugong Caught In Net

Dugong find in Kiunga Marine National Reserve The news filtered through the village, in disbelieving whispers that a dugong”nguva” had been caught in one of fishermen gillnets. There was a palpable but restrained sense of excitement in Kiunga village. Then fishermen confirmed and identified whose nets had caught the dugong there was a pandemonium in […]


Very exciting news for us here at the project!! The Wildlife Conservation Society has funded 2 satellite tow tags and they are going to put them on 2 Kenyan whale sharks during our expedition later this month! Thank you to Dr Rachel Graham and the WCS! The satellite tow tags or splash tags are satellite […]