Monthly Archives: March 2009

Whale Sharks In Captivity

We know as fact that whale sharks do several deep dives everyday. They do not fare well in captivity. Please go to and sign the petition. Tell all your friends to do the same. Resorts World at Sentosa wants to import whale sharks for the attraction and entertainment of visitors. Whale sharks are vulnerable […]

Meet Eagle Eye The Whale Shark

Here are some pictures of the whale shark we tagged on Sunday 8 March. It was a small juvenile male of about 4 metres tagged by Rachel Graham of the WCS. This shark has been adopted by London Vision Clinic and is called Eagle Eye. You can see the tag clearly in the picture just […]

3rd Acoustic Tag Deployed

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! After almost 2 weeks with zero sightings, yesterday at almost the end of the expedition Rob our pilot spotted a whale shark opposite the Barclays shopping centre. He said he had to look twice and nearly fell out of his seat he was so surprised! We have searched solidly now for 2 weeks […]

Whale Shark Expedition Highs and Lows

It is the start of a new week and we hope we will see more sharks than we did last week! The sightings have been very poor with no sharks seen for 6 days. We don’t really know why but we suspect it may be due to the unsettled weather we have been experiencing. The […]