Whale Sharks In Captivity

We know as fact that whale sharks do several deep dives everyday. They do not fare well in captivity.

Please go to www.whalesharkpetition.com and sign the petition. Tell all your friends to do the same.

Resorts World at Sentosa wants to import whale sharks for the attraction and entertainment of visitors. Whale sharks are vulnerable to extinction and have never done well in captivity. They can grow as large as two city buses, migrate thousands of kilometers in the wild, and live up to a hundred years. It is just plain cruel to keep them in glass cages.

Whale sharks have never fared well in captivity. Two whale sharks died within five months of each other at the Georgia Aquarium.

Write to the Minister of National Development, the Singapore Tourism Board and
Resorts World at Sentosa before this tragedy happens on our shores.

Think of all the whale sharks swimming wild and free, think of how very little we know about these gentle giants and then think of them dying in aquariums. Please sign the petition.

Thank you.

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